Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 9, 2019

Clean it up

Candidates, your electorate would appreciate you showing as much enthusiasm in picking up your political signs as you showed in putting them out.

Keep going

As a young girl, I dreamed of being Brenda Starr, a glamorous news reporter in the comics. I now watch news reporters traveling the nation and world to keep us informed and appreciate the information they bring about the world. We would live in a sad country without them. Newspapers bring things to light so people can make their decisions in an educated way. Newspapers encourage reading, and that is a lifelong benefit. Keep newspapers publishing and reporters reporting.

Thinking change

Republicans now have entire control of state government. Lets see if they can get Mississippi off the bottom of everything. But it will require a change in their thinking.

Great secret

Biloxi is on the verge of having a "best kept secret" in the immediate future: Lighthouse Pharmacy. It is owned and operated by a nice young lady who cut her teeth at Eckerd Drugs and then moved to Winn-Dixie pharmacy until they closed. This place has that small-town atmosphere. She knows everyone by name and goes the extra mile to ensure you are getting the most for your hard earned cash. She genuinely cares about your health. Lighthouse Pharmacy, behind Taco Bell in Biloxi, just off Pass Road. Grand opening is this Tuesday. Come by and see what the other pharmacy places have forgot.

Right leadership

Sounds like a lot of "sour grapes" by the liberals out there. Could it be your party platform is not representative of the majority of good folks of Mississippi? I for one am very glad we have conservative leadership in our state.

Hang in there

Tough fight in District 50 and although I wanted Dixie Newman to win I am sure Scott DeLano will do a fine job. Hang in there, Dixie. When one door closes, another opens.

Not good

It was not Nancy Pelosi who caused the Democrats to lose, but rather it was the deep-pocketed Republicans who choose to connect even our moderate Democrats (like Hood) to her. The Republicans are hell-bent on demonizing any Democrat and thereby preventing any chance of reasonable discourse with anyone who does not think like them. I do not think this is good for our state or our democracy.

Do what’s right

I hope the Democrats maintain the courage, not just the focus, to continue to do what is right. Day after day, indictment after indictment, lie after lie, the current president of the United States dumps on the Constitution.

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