Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 10, 2019

Feeling proud

I was so glad to learn that the destroyer that Ingalls is building will be named after a truly great American, Jack Lucas. As a Mississippian, I couldn’t be prouder.

Trying to work

Although the shrimp are scarce, people still have to try to make a living. They still have bills to pay, families to care for and work boats require maintenance and harbor. They are trying.

Firewood needed

I haven't seen any ads showing firewood for sale. Anyone have leads and prices?

Last place

You know when the Democrats ran Mississippi for countless years, we were in last place then too. I love my state and want the best for it. We are improving in many ways, but at the end of the day somebody will always be last on these “lists.”

Man of the people?

Tate Reeves must think we’re not bright if he expects us to believe he’s going to strive to be a governor for all Mississippians after wholeheartedly embracing and being endorsed by the most divisive president in our country’s history.

Other view

Sure, sue the opioid manufacturers and the drug stores, but what about the doctors who over-prescribed them?

Some questions

After reading all the Sound Offs blaming voters for keeping the state in last place because they voted for Republicans is a perfect example of why the majority voted Republican. Democrats are always blaming others for their failures, instead of looking at themselves. I wonder what part of “the voters of Mississippi are fed up with the liberal agendas Democrats are trying to force on us” they don’t understand? If you don’t like what the majority chose, then why are you still here? Better yet, why did you move here?

An embarrassment?

Folks, if you really want to know why our state is frequently in last place you won’t find the reason in print as it is politically very incorrect and insensitive. But for those of you who voice unfounded, unreasonable and totally politically biased causes as the reason, please know your actions are a total embarrassment ... to you and yours.

Environmental damage

To the person who doesn’t believe that Trump’s policies could not have “made the air, water and environment much worse” because he’s only “been in office 34 months,” I say this: He brags that he singled-handledly rebuilt the military, reformed the VA and, according to him, has accomplished more than any other president in the history of our country. So, surely, 34 months is enough time for him to do significant damage to the environment.

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