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Sound Off for Nov. 8, 2019

More politics

Political posts need to be returned to Sound Off. Views of Democrats and Republicans are needed for the public to be informed. The current posts have been boring.

Respectable reaction

I saw Jim Hood's response to Tate Reeves' victory. It was a dignified, positive and a respectable response. Even though I did not vote for Mr. Hood, in light of his response, I think he would have been a decent governor. To Mr. Hood: I wish you well in your future endeavors. Thank you for your service to this state and thank you for your dignified and respectable response.

Keep the promises

Now that South Mississippi has spoken, I expect all the voters to hold the elected officials accountable for all the promises made during their campaign.

Dark ages

Congrats to Mississippi. You have once again ignored all the facts and elected the party that will keep you in the dark and dark ages. Will be surprised if they don’t try to take away womens’ right to vote.

Explanation needed

Would love explanation into how Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the same good old boy government in Mississippi.

Move away?

If you are so disappointed in Mississippi, the elected Republicans and being “50 years behind,” move to California, Illinois or Virginia where the Democrats have control.

God help us?

When I first moved here in 2005, I overheard a conversation in the Ocean Springs Post Office. One gentleman asked the other about the whereabouts of a mutual acquaintance. He was told she had moved out of state, saying "you know, some people just cannot live here." In my naivete, I thought he was referring to the weather. After yesterday's election, I knew he did not mean the weather. At least four more years of last place on almost every ranking with a governor who openly states he plans to run the state "just like President Trump." God help us all.

Hurting industry

The Gulf seafood industry is hurting really bad. The reason you see shrimp boats out there is that the dry October brought the salinity up in the water and they’re out there trying their best to make a living.

Good story

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article on diverticulitis. Diverticulitis runs in my family. Although I don’t have it, I know how important it is to eat your veggies, fresh fruits and especially whole grains. Thank you and I would love to see more articles such as these in the near future.

Wrong answer?

Wouldn't an innocent person reply, "I didn't do it," rather than "you have no evidence of wrongdoing."

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