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Sound Off for Nov. 6, 2019

Privacy please

I have complained election after election that secrecy of one’s ballot does not exist at my polling site in Jackson County. The voting machines are abutting each other and you can see at least two machines away the votes that are being cast. The response of the monitors was “Don’t look at the other machines.” It’s not other peoples voting that I’m concerned about, it’s mine.

Who knows

When Florida initiated their lottery , it was sold to the citizens of the state as a means to upgrade the state’s overall education program. Once the lottery became law, the omnipotent Florida legislature refused to fund education using any other funding. Florida’s schools experienced a nose dive in student achievements, standard, and retention of qualified education personnel. The new found source of money was used by the lawmakers for ...?

Tried it

I called the City of Gulfport yesterday to ask about when a bill might be sent. The lady came on and went through the spiel of numbers to push and said that all operators were busy helping other customers and if you wanted you could leave a message and someone would get back to you. Well, no one bothered to call. Will try again today.


Once again Mississippi made national headlines because of a small group of people showing their ignorance. I am talking about taking pictures in front of the Emmett Till memorial marker. I guess some people are just not smart enough to realize how hurtful this act of hatefulness is to people and Emmett Till’s relatives.

Rule needed

I love the Peter Anderson Festival, but I’m not sure if pets should be allowed. After I saw two dogs fighting, and a pet goat, I’m wondering what’s next? Maybe someone’s pet boa constrictor?


Bought a gift card for my little great nephews birthday. Had to go through all the registration nonsense that asked a thousand personal questions. Tossed it in the garbage and gave him cash. It’s a kid wanting to pick out a toy, not signing up for Social Security.

Paid off?

Has anyone calculated how many more years the Shuckers have to stay in Biloxi before the stadium is paid off using current attendance?

Mississippi 2019

Unemployment rate 5.4% tied at 50th in U.S.; 31 rural hospitals high risk for closing; $8 billion Medicaid declined, 200,000 not insured; 34 dangerous bridges closed, $530 million federal funding at risk; Federal judge takes over mental health system; $1,500 teacher pay raise “symbolic gesture;” adequate education still not funded.

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