Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 5, 2019

Fun times

Sunday we went to the second day of the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs and commented what great weather, crowds and organization. Wow. Funny one month ago we said the same thing there with Crusin’ the Coast in Ocean Springs. Two weeks before that we did the Paul Overstreet Mississippi Songwriters Hall of Fame and two days of the Songwriters Festival, which was fantastic. We love this time of year here. Is it the water in Ocean Springs?

No burden

The Walmart in Pass Christian has now started placing the electric shopping carts behind the regular carts, making people with disabilities walk farther to get the carts. This wasn't a decision by the store manager. This decision came from farther up the food chain. It is bad enough that some of the carts don't work and others are not plugged in and kept charged. The reason for the change is the big boss didn't like the "look" of the electric carts. What is going on? Why do they treat people with disabilities like a burden?

One solution

There is a win-win solution to the drainage pipes that discharge through the beach. The correct aquatic plants installed in a environmentally engineered design will clean the discharge before it enters the Gulf. It would be the proper use of BP funds.

Just stop it

Please, stop all the Christmas movies. Too depressing for us single and/or lonely people. Bring back Charlie Chan.

Leave it alone

I'm like most people and wish we stayed on daylight savings time. We should stop changing back and forth, and stay on just one or the other. Studies have shown that it causes depression in the winter. People want more daylight at the end of the day. Majority should rule, or it should be up for a vote by the American people.

Looking older

I sure wish older people didn't dye their hair so dark. It makes them look harsh and actually older. I especially don't like to see a Gray beard or goatee with dark hair.

What went wrong?

What has happened to the Republican Party? The party that once stood for integrity, and honesty and justice is now obstructing constitutional checks and balances. Refusing to testify is a violation of law.

Lottery funds

The lottery wasn't set up to fully-fund education because they feel it is already fully-funded. I'm not sure how you would know if it was fully-funded. The phrase is open to interpretation on purpose. Besides,the casinos were set up to fully-fund and we all know how well that worked.

Quick question

Does anyone know why the $1 million harbor bait shop upstairs in the Biloxi Small Craft harbor never opened?

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