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Sound Off for Nov. 4, 2019

BP facts

To those who are so confused about the BP funds, please pay attention: The projects being proposed are to come from the BP Economic Damages Settlement Fund. The money is meant to benefit the Coast economically as a whole and that have the best return on investment. Some things will improve quality of life on the Coast and attract new businesses and residents, which, in turn, will improve our economy. So, if you want to complain about potholes, why don’t you contact your mayor or city council or county supervisors? That certainly isn’t what the money is intended for. As far as water quality issues in the Gulf, a separate fund called the Restore Act is designated for that .

Water quality

I keep hearing people talk about how we should use BP funds to stop draining rain runoff into the Sound to improve our water quality. It sounds like a great idea to me. Is it even feasible? How would it be done? What would it cost?

No notice

Over last few months the skyrocketing cost and sporadic reading and delivery of water bills is out of control. When a billing cycle last for more than 30 days, it drives the cost and usage. Why didn’t our city leaders let the public know of these problems? Are they not concerned about people on fixed incomes? Good luck in contacting the one person they listed in newspaper for billing questions.

Good solution

Don’t know why anyone would object to a 4-cent gas tax to repair roads and bridges. If your car gets 20 miles per gallon and you drive 20,000 miles each year you would only pay 40 dollars tax. That’s only a little over seventy five cents each week. Seems like a painless way to get good roads and bridges.

Drain the swamp

Jay Hughes is the first candidate that I know of that has suggested using the Mississippi lottery for funding adequate public education for all Mississippi children. He has my vote. Why was the lottery not set up properly by the current administration to fully fund education?

Risky business?

I see no good reason to sell beer at college football games other than money. The dealer and the school makes money, but some excitable drunk kids will lose their lives on the way home. What’s up with those in charge when kids don’t count as much as money?

Out of control

This is getting more ridiculous by the day. In the past hour I received five robo-calls — two about my computer, one political survey I have answered twice in the past week, another for a medical alert bracelet, and another to lower interest on credit cards. Surely our politicians can do something about this. The first one that does gets my vote.

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