Sound Off

Sound off for Nov. 3, 2019

People only

In light of the Peter Anderson Festival and the large crowd expected, is it really necessary to bring your pets to the festival? Please be considerate to others and leave your pets at home.

Pro tips

Hey business owner! Is your business poor, lacking customers? Try the following: When someone calls for your services, call them back. When someone comes to your establishment, don't cop an attitude. Don't give the impression that you're doing your customer a favor. A little respect can go a long way toward improving your business.

Doing his job

The Bonnet Carre spillway was opened for so long this year, it devastated the Mississippi Sound and Mississippi’s seafood industry. Jim Hood should be praised for suing the Corp. of Engineers. This is not a political stunt. It’s doing his job.

Don’t trust him

It would be hard to cite a better example of misuse of an elected position for personal, political gain than Jim Hood's recent announcement that he "plans" to sue the U.S. government over the spillway openings. Not only is this action doomed to failure, he blatantly announces that he will be paying millions of state dollars to his attorney pals to pursue this folly. One might ask, why did he not do this when it happened, and why are the numerous attorneys in his office not capable of taking this on?

Not enough

Hats off to AG Hood for suing the Army Corps. Unfortunately, that is not enough. To protect us from future catastrophes, the federal regulations need to be changed and restrictive language included in the Corps' annual appropriation. We also need to focus on the threat posed by the Louisiana diversion projects. These issues require our U.S. senators and local congressional delegation to take direct action — something more than a few remarks to a reporter or made during a legislative hearing. Our way of life along Coastal Mississippi is in danger of being changed forever. Why aren't our elected Federal officials protecting us?

Be thankful

It was made to seem that 100 football games had to be moved around because of the rain last week. Not one mention in recent weeks about the hardship caused to area farmers due to lack of rain. I hope the day doesn't come when people have to choose between playing and eating. I think there will be a lot of hungry people but happy as long as the ball doesn't go flat.

Save the art

Someone should start gathering all of our historical statues, paintings, and any artwork depicting history, because young people are trying to erase history by claiming the works of art offend them.

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