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Sound Off for Nov. 2, 2019


Since Mississippi is so often at, or near the bottom, of most of the lists of accomplishments among the states, the two times that Mississippi came out first in the entire United States should have been printed in bold print on the front page. “Fourth grade reading scores dropped in 17 states....only one state, Mississippi, improved, the data showed.” Congratulations to all of the dedicated teachers who are working so very hard to increase our students’ achievements in education every year!

Poor choice

It is a sad state of affairs when the daily mailers and constant TV ads for Tate Reeves fail to ever mention a single plan that he has for dealing with the significant issues facing Mississippi. Apparently he thinks the money to address our crumbling infrastructure, damaged environment and school funding will be solved by a magical gift from this dear uncle Don.

Stay red

No doubt Tate Reeves is not the best choice for our governor. Jim Hood pretends to be a moderate Democrat to get some Republican votes. But does anyone in their right mind believe if we lose one of our U.S. senators, Jim Hood will appoint a Republican to replace him? Jim Hood stands to do more damage to our country than to our state.

New Pass

Before anybody gets the bright idea to use the BP settlement money to construct a new east-west road between Pass Road and the beach from Biloxi bridge to the Bay Bridge, Let’s get Pass Road re-paved, and with new lighting and sidewalks, all with four lanes, and turning lanes from gate to gate. And try to find a construction company that can pave the manhole covers even with the road

Give FoFo a break

No one disputes the fact that Biloxi has some serious issues with its infrastructure repair work and some “not so smart” financial dealings. But, let’s try to be fair here. The present mayor didn’t hire the contractor who has taken ages to complete the streets and drainage project. And, he didn’t negotiate and approve the “field of dreams” ballpark. Also, he didn’t hire the consultant who said that a minor league team would draw an average of 4,500 fans per game. He had no vote, nor input into either of those three situations. Frankly, he seems to have done pretty darn good with the hand that he was dealt.

It stinks

We recently purchases a brand new home in Ocean Springs. However, we are in Gautier water district. The people of Ocean Springs protest cutting of trees for development, mosquito control everything for the good. However, they lack the good sense to protest the deplorable conditions of those that are subject to sewer-like water. Our first night it smelled like sewer. We have water now delivered.

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