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Sound Off for Nov. 1, 2019


What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house? Hope it's Halloween.

Protect them

Reading about recent events in Ocean Springs (aldermen approve removal of three protected live oaks, 73-year old-woman arrested/handcuffed after speaking against live oak trimming, butterflies killed by mosquito spraying), I am grateful I live in a coast city where our tree committee, mayor and city officials are fiercely protective of our lives oaks and migratory butterflies are welcomed with festivals and milkweed. To the property owner and officials who approve of the tree destruction, I recommend you read the novel “Overstory.”

Another option?

If the neighbors in Ocean Springs don’t want trees cut down on property they don’t own, they should put their money where their mouths are-band together and buy the property from the rightful owner and donate it to the city. They could also petition the city to buy the property and turn it into a park.

Still standing

After the 1947 hurricane, Camille and Katrina, what makes the Ocean Springs lady think the Live oaks that she wants cut down will fall over? Watch her get her way and cut them down, build her house, then move away. Trees are what make Ocean Springs.

Sanity in politics?

So the city of Ocean Springs is willing to allow a homeowner on Front Beach to cut down not one, not two, but three oak trees. It takes the nearby citizens to file an injunction and stop the crews en route to destroying the oaks. Well, the city paid millions in their attempt to prevent a psychiatric clinic to open. Why not destroy oak trees at no cost?

Big bet

The old saying is, only bet if you can afford to loose! I am so glad that the Nationals won the World Series. All the media attention that you gave to Mattress Mack? He deserved to loose. He should have gave the money to charity!

So long

The best thing about baseball is — it’s over!

Identity theft?

I would like to know how these junk mail companies get our full names. In my case, my full name, including middle and maiden name, my husband’s full name, including middle names, not just initials. Whomever is selling our names are setting us up for identity theft!

No next time

The NAACP thinks the cops should have just let Sims go since he was running away. I guess they feel the "next time" the cops encountered him he would just drop the gun and comply with their instructions. Or, maybe, and more likely, the "next time" he would have just used the gun

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