Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 31, 2019

Sounds good

This is to the Reeves/Trump opposition Sound Off. If Reeves wants to run Mississippi like Trump runs America, I'm all in. Booming economy, record low unemployment, jobs, jobs, jobs. Sounds good to me.

Honest reputation

Jim Hood has an honest reputation of working for the good of the people of Mississippi and has run an honest campaign. Can’t say that about the other guy.

Cause and effect

The reason Ocean Springs has no mosquitos is because the city is spraying.

Restaurant coming

This is in response to the person asking about shisk kabobs. I am opening a restaurant in D'Iberville in about 10-15 days serving brick oven pizza, kabobs and sandwiches, along with a brewery. It will be called Puff Belly's on Mallett Road.


We had the largest jobs growth in almost any administration ever under Obama, but yet people still think Trump saved the jobs in this great nation. See what happens when you consume too much of the Kool-Aid? These are the facts.

Other motives?

The colonel who felt it was his "patriotic duty" to come forward and voice his concern over Trump's Ukraine phone call will be the equivalent of Blasey Ford who accused Judge Kavanaugh — paid for and coached by the left.

Human error

They definitely need a computer or a robot calling balls and strikes at the World Series. When the commentators can tell you the strike zone and the umpires miss it, it's time for a change. We have to take some of the human mistakes out of the game so that it's fair.

Bad work

Check out the asphalt patches on Second Street in Gulfport. These patches are much worse than the sunken in spots that were there before. The Ho Chi Minh Trail had better repair work than this.

Credit due

Not only are the Democrats and the far left news media not giving credit for the killing of Baghdadi to President Trump, but also the far left news media won't mention that President Trump named the operation Kayla Mueller for the young American woman held hostage by Baghdadi for years. Her parents thanked President Trump for that action and they blasted the Obama administration for not doing enough to rescue her. Too bad the Trump haters can't even give credit where credit is du. Sad.

Actions and words

Donald Trump tarnishes himself; the news only reports it. There is a ton of videos of Trump at his rallies saying awful things and acting the fool. Don’t blame the news ... he is responsible for his own actions and words.

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