Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 30, 2019

Killing butterflies

I am wondering why Ocean Springs is spraying our neighborhood for mosquitoes. We have no mosquitoes, and the spray is killing all the butterflies and all the other good insects.

Good job

Taylor Graham on WLOX-TV does an excellent job of delivering the weather. She's very clear concise with a pleasant voice.

Help needed

Does any restaurant on our Coast serve shish kabobs — just meat and veggies on a skewer — for a light lunch?

One question

Okay, pet projects writer, your suggestion to remove all drains flowing into the Gulf of Mexico is a good first step. Now comes the hard part: To where do you propose that the drains be redirected?

Goes around

Both funny and sad listening to the fans at the World Series game chanting "lock him up" to Trump, who was in attendance. What goes around, comes around, regarding his verbal abuse of much of our population.

Make it stop

OK, I've had enough of political ads every 5 or 10 minutes with mayors and others supporting their candidate. It gets old.

Elevator buttons

After 68 years of riding elevators, I am convinced that the “close door” button is fake in every elevator made. We know the “open door” button is real, because we see it work when we let additional people board. However, I have tried pressing once, pressing repeatedly and pressing and holding the “close door” button and I have yet to find it makes a difference.

Political motives

Today's Sound Off is typical of the fake Fox News bunch, assigning a political motive to an obvious responsible move. Jim Hood is pursuing control over the spillway this year because of the devastating effects of the 2 openings. There was no reason to do so prior to this.

Doomed country?

The Democrat who authored the Sound Off titled “no bankruptcy” is all concerned about all the mail being sent to voters by Tate Reeves and the Republican Party, but shows no concern, whatsoever, that, if the Democrats happen to completely take over, heaven forbid, and install socialism as our form of government, our great country is doomed. What is wrong with those people?

New leadership

So Tate Reeves stated he backed President Trump completely and was going to run Mississippi the same way Trump is running America. I want a governor that can think for himself and not continue to put Mississippi last in all categories. It is time for a change and not put another in office that will run Mississippi into the ground.

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