Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 29, 2019

Media bias

I enjoy watching the World Series. They even showed President Trump for one or two seconds. I wish the media wasn’t so biased against Trump. He is our president and needs to be supported. Too many agendas and bought off politicians.

Poor soul

I pity the poor soul who authored the “not pleasing” Sound Off disparaging a great defender of our constitution and our democracy. Lift the veil off your eyes and overcome the evil that clouds your mind.

Full employment

Those who say they are not doing well economically while the economy is booming under Trump’s leadership need to stop whining and get a job. Help wanted signs everywhere. Obama: high unemployment: Trump: full employment.

The real story

Maybe the Sun Herald could be the only journalists in America with the courage to tell the real story of what is going on in our nation’s capital. The real unvarnished truth, good, bad or indifferent, not just what is clearly only intended to tarnish the president.

Bad message

Has anyone bothered to tell Allstate that their commercial themes are cheesy and counterproductive? What’s the point of some mad idiot dressed in a suit causing havoc and damage? Isn’t the insurance industry motto, “we don’t pay claims; just collect premiums?” At least Farm Bureau clearly emphasized that they do pay claims for a whole variety of incidents. That sends a lot better message.

Injured egg

It appears the New Orleans Pelicans have too many of their baskets depended on one injured egg.

Common sense

As I move about in this life lately, I have made an observation regarding all of our “smart” technology. It appears to be causing people to lose their common sense and communication skills. I predict numerous studies done in the future that will show a negative impact on our school-age children.

Limit them

I don’t mind seeing politics in the Sound Off column, but I do think you should limit it. Some people just don’t care about politics like they used to. Me included.

Bad choice

Could someone please explain the erection of extra unnecessary stop signs in the city limits of Biloxi? They really are not needed and only inhibit the smooth flow of traffic. We are constantly having to stop and start our vehicles.

No bankruptcy

Based on the number of mailings from Tate Reeves and the Republican Party, it is safe to say the U.S. Postal Service will not file bankruptcy any time soon. Looking forward to Wednesday, Nov. 6.