Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 28, 2019

Be smart

The only way to stop the robocalls is to make it unprofitable. In other words, quit falling for the scams, don’t give out any information unless you called them, or don’t answer the call. No one will call you with a deal of a lifetime ever. Any entity with a real problem will mail you some sort of notice.

Decent movies

I used to love going to movies. I haven’t been in over a year, because they can’t make anything worth watching. It’s all either gore or animated for children. Let’s get back to making decent movies that people like to watch that leave you with a good feeling.

Be careful

It’s pumpkin pie time, and no matter how much we love that popular whipped topping in a tub, it has both high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil. Yes, even a little bit will hurt your heart. That brand owes its public better. So, stay cool, and avoid that topping until those two ingredients are dropped.

Not pleasing

Hearing Nancy Pelosi talk about the Constitution and the founding fathers is like listening to Satan quote scripture.

Washington circus

The shenanigans happening in Washington have very little to do with running a nation. We watch the impeachment circus on the news and know that no work is being done on our behalf. Trump won’t be impeached and when this madness is over there will be another investigation and another. It seems to be all about keeping their jobs and truly nothing to do with any of us. Just a game to them. Absolutely no need to vote for these ridiculous people. I’m out.

Huge success?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of the Russian president laughing, but I would bet he and the presidents of Turkey and Syria doubled over laughing when they heard President Trump say that the U.S. foray into Syria was a huge success.

New friend

Every thing that Trump has done militarily has benefited Putin. Trump has also eroded our good relationship with our traditional Democratic allies. By taking our troops out of Syria, Trump has left a message that the good guys can no longer count on our loyalty to them. Do people realize that our new best friend is Russia?

Worthless dollars

Let’s say Elizabeth Warren was able to win the White House. Then she would have to fulfill her outlandish campaign promises. Expectations would be high. It would be impossible without nationalizing every industry and taxing every wage earner to extinction. Our nation, military and all infrastructure would be irreparably devastated. Not a single facet of society would function properly and the dollars she thinks would rain from heaven would be worthless.

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