Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 15, 2019

Distracting cones

The cones serve no purpose. As a matter of fact, I observed three accidents because of the orange cones Biloxi has decided to use every year during Cruisin’ The Coast.

More facts?

Your article on mental health was not very enlightening. Basically, it said we should give more money to our mental health system. Why not give those of us that will provide this money a better understanding of the disease. Define mental illness. Does poverty or drug abuse cause mental illness or does mental illness cause poverty and drug abuse? Is nature or nurture the cause? Perhaps the haves will be more inclined to help if we are given facts instead of just blame!

Green vote

To the Sound Off that labeled the debate a waste of TV time .... at least we now know who is bought and paid for by lobbying dollars and who will vote no on medical marijuana.


In a recent article, it was mentioned that the Social Security payments would increase roughly $24 per month this year. I just received notice that my Medicare Part D pharmaceutical payment would increase by $32.

Stop, look, listen

I’m so very sorry to anyone who is hurt or killed at a railroad crossing. Who is going to get the blame for the accident; the railroad, the city, the road itself or what? Could it possibly be the fault of the driver of the vehicle? Could it be just the lack of attention? When we grew up it was, stop, look and listen. Now it has been stop, look and live. What about just plain paying attention?

Add it up

The state superintendent of education makes more per year ($300,000) than the governor ($122,160), the lieutenant governor ($60,000), and the attorney general ($108,960) combined? I guess that explains why everyone schooled in Mississippi is so educated... hey, wait a minute!

Phone fix

There is a simple fix that will stop these scam telephone calls. I never answer numbers I don’t recognize. Instead, I let them go to voicemail with a message that says “due to the number of scam calls I receive, numbers I don’t recognize are required to leave a message. If your call is legitimate, I will call you right back, or very shortly.” If they leave a message, I listen to it which will instantly give them away 98% of the time. And, you can always verify a number by typing into Google before you call back. iPhones have an added feature that transcribes recorded calls. Android does not, but there are apps available to do that.

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