Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 12, 2019

Hearing things

Whenever I check in with Hannity and crew on Fox News to hear the latest disinformation and conspiracy theories being pushed out, I suddenly start hearing the “Twilight Zone” theme playing in my head.

False claims?

The Sound Off “a cover up” claims Obama/Biden administration was “littered with scandals,” not reported or covered up by the corrupt media. So, how does the writer know? Until a specific scandal and the source of the report is identified, such claims should be labeled as completely false.

East Biloxi

Biloxi’s to do list ... fix Popp’s Ferry bridge. Nope, it’s in west Biloxi. Biloxi only spends big money on projects in east Biloxi. Got to keep tourists happy.

Just wait

To the person praising Obama for having no indictments or guilty verdicts, there are many reasons you didn’t hear any scandals under Obama. Attorney Generals Holder and Lynch, FBI Director Jim Comey, CIA Director Brennan, DNI Clapper, Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, and the liberal mainstream media provided cover for any scandal or corruption within Obama’s administration. The indictments and guilty verdicts under Trump are either related to the phony Mueller investigation or have no relation to the Trump administration at all. Attorney General Barr and Federal Prosecutor Durham are currently investigating the soft coup of the Obama administration against Trump’s election campaign and against Trump’s presidency. There will be many members of Obama’s administration who will be indicted and found guilty.

What did he say?

Did Trump really say “ my great and unmatched wisdom?” Who says something like that?

Town halls

Is Mississippi the only state where its elected U.S. senators and representatives refuse to have town halls for their constituents? If they are so smug under the coattails of this president, what are they scared of?

Show your source

The Sound Off reader states that reduction of regulations by the Republicans has harmed air, water, and the environment. Is this your opinion or a documented fact? We cannot dispute that until we view the research required on those subjects. We also cannot debate this issue until the readers can evaluate your sources.

Wrong words

Tate Reeves’ new attack ad accuses Jim Hood of “funneling BP settlement money to trial lawyers.” Funneling? Oh, please. The money is called attorney’s fees, and I’m confident the lawyers earned every dollar. For some reason, of all occupations, only lawyers are supposed to work without pay. Since Reeves joined the workforce, has he ever donated his own labor?