Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 13, 2019

Rate increase

Received my auto insurance renewal notice today. My premium rate has increased “due to a rate change in my state.” Wonder if the increase is because Mississippi no longer requires a safety check.

Logos needed

Maybe we should require all who accept gifts or compensation of any kind from lobbyists to wear logos of their sponsors like sports figures. That way we would know who we are dealing with.

Sitcom worthy

My thanks to all the nonsensical liberals using Sound Off as their outlet. It humors the public. The ravings about Ukraine, whistle-blowers, impeachments, transcripts, Mueller, Russia never stops. It all comes from CNN or MSNBC comedy writers. Reminds me of Otis staggering into the room on the old “Andy Griffith Show.” One simply bursts into laughter. When Trump wins in 2020, maybe the Democrats will revive some other old sitcom.

Not fake news

Respect is earned, not given. People dislike Trump because of his actions and words that many feel are disrespectful to our Constitution and jeopardizing our country. It is ludicrous to call people names that disagree with him, and blame the media for reporting the news. If you can read and hear the mean things he says, then news flash, it is not “fake news.”

Our Congressman

Our Congressman is sending an email to constituents, asking them to send him money to “retire Pelosi.” Several years ago, he was going to Washington to fire Pelosi. What happened? Since then, he has been relatively unseen, apparently unwilling to face the tough questions asked by those who elected him.

Want the job?

As quoted from a Sound Off, the “impeachment inquiry has already implicated Trump, Pence, Barr, Rudy and unnamed others. If successful, the line to the presidency goes to the third in line: President Pelosi.” No wonder she’s so hesitant to start impeachment. Who would want that mess to clean up?

Pricey beer

Wow, six dollars for a beer at USM football games. In my days at Southern, I would have had to find five others to share a beer with me. Maybe if you can afford a few those awful yellow uniforms will start looking good.

Stop the calls

Everyday my wife and I receive telemarketing calls from car warranty people, school loan payoff people and low interest loan people. All of these calls now have phone numbers with Mississippi area codes. I would think someone in the Attorney General’s office could figure out how to stop these calls, or at least how to stop them from using Mississippi area codes. Most people know the area codes of friends and family living out of state.