Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 14, 2019

Staying focused

Democrats have been trying to get rid of Trump since before he was elected. The Ukraine/Biden thing is the third or fourth attempt, which will also fail. How does the man withstand this pressure and stay focused on his job, which he does well.

You decide

So Hillary is “clear minded and on track?” In 1995 during a deposition into the Whitewater scandal she said “I don’t remember” more than 100 times. Then in 2017 Hillary stated in a sworn statement dealing with the e-mail server lawsuit that she “can’t recall” on 21 of the 25 questions posed to her. These are just two examples of many. Does this sound like someone who is clear minded or does it sound like someone who has something to hide? Decide for yourself.

Move the cones

No ugly orange cones for five wonderful days of Cruisin’. Now all of a sudden, ugly orange cones line up and down the highway in Biloxi. No need, no reason and they looks awful. We can do better. Why doesn’t Sun Herald show pictures of how ugly this is?

Love the cruisers

As a resident of the Coast, I love to see the cruisers each year. They don’t get into trouble or leave trash everywhere. Keep them coming.

Do something

I am to the point where I am losing interest in national news. I am tired of hearing all the talk about impeachment. I am one who believes that President Trump has done more for this country since President Reagan, but if the Democrats have enough to impeach the president then stop the hearings and get on with it. It is time for Congress to do something for the taxpayers.

A fair proposal

OK. I’ve got it. President Trump will not cooperate with any impeachment inquiry unless it is conducted by Republicans whom he knows to be good people. What could be more fair than that?

Wasted time?

Why did we waste good time on our TV with this gubernatorial debate? They are not going to do anything about anything.

Standing by

Quite possibly the greatest military bungle by a president is occurring right before our eyes and the Republicans just stand by and watch. We must defend our Kurdish allies.

Technology advances

It’s highly likely that Faith, Hope and Charity, the three unidentified women who were Hurricane Camille victims, could be identified today. With advances in DNA sequencing, improvements in genealogy sleuthing, missing person databases and historical records surfacing all the time, it’s more possible than ever before.

Trump’s smile

Has anyone seen Trump smile lately? Apparently, he has no reason to smile.