Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 1, 2019

Picture perfect

Since $3 million is being spent on the beach in east Biloxi, I think this is the perfect opportunity to remove the forest and overgrown areas in front of the schooner pier. That area looks so unkept and neglected. If they would simply plant a few of the natural sea oats and maybe a few palm trees, it would be a perfect place to add a welcome sign to our beautiful city for people coming from the east. I think it would be a perfect picture spot for our beautiful Gulf Coast

Where’s the help?

I am a liberal who votes Democratic. Trump has made my life better. I own stocks, and they are doing great. I own two nice houses in different states. Rising rents are great because I pocket the extra rent. I pretty much buy what I want because I can afford rising prices. I received a nice tax break from Trump. I did not vote and will not vote for Trump because he has helped me, but he has not helped everyday working people like I used to be. Why don't you everyday working people realize what I realized? Trump has done nothing to help you. He has only helped people like me.

Mental illness?

If you think Trump is hiding something because he blocks, deflects, blames and explains, I ask what you would do in his shoes. He is bombarded hourly by a leftist machine that never stops and includes a media complex. I have no idea of the shady deals you are talking about. Obama gave millions in cash to Iranians and that was considered diplomatic. Trump makes a security phone call to a foreign leader and that makes him a crook? Liberals inability to think logically is a sign of mental illness.

Love the copnes

Thank you Biloxi police for placing the orange cones on U.S. 90 during cruising. To the persons that complain about the cones may I suggest you stay off U.S.90. Biloxi police do an excellent job of traffic control and has quite a challenge during these events.

Questionable call

A corrupt, bribe-taking public official gets out of jail and it is front page news?

True statement

I read Deb Hilgeman's letter in the Sunday Sun Herald called “Hasty story was inflammatory” and wholeheartedly agreed with her until she said, "the financial mess at GCMH was years in the making before Hasty joined the board in 2016." That is simply not true. GCMHC was financially rock solid when the CEO of 35 years and the CFO of 30 years retired at around the same time Hasty joined the commission. I urge you to look at the audited financial statements.

Seeing reality

To the Sound Off writer who can't understand why the press does not support Trump as his many supporters do, the press can see the reality of this person. His supporters are unable to do that and/or their special interest is supported by Trump.