Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 30, 2019

One question

Where is our moral compass?

Wasted opportunity

This is regarding Anita Lee’s article listing Gulf Coast projects surviving first cuts for restoration funds. Of the 29 requests selected by the restoration fund committee, not a single one addresses the ecological damage done to the marine life affected by the BP oil spill. Although many of the projects approved may be beneficial to the Gulf Coast economy, they should be funded by other means. Failure to use the BP settlement money for restoring the marine life, water quality, and coastal habitat wastes a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Poor, not stupid

For you who think Trump is doing a great job and will vote for him again, unemployment in the Delta is over 14 percent in some places and 700 more jobs were recently lost. Why didn't our representatives contact Amazon to come down? We have plenty of empty warehouses. Our people could handle it. We are poor, not stupid.

Thoughts and prayers

Both of us send to the family of Mr Willie C. Williams our heartfelt thoughts and prayers in the passing of this wonderful educator. Although we did not know you personally you are now safe in our Lord’s arms.

Point of view?

Does CNN or MSNBC ever have a moderate or conservative to balance the news and present another point of view?

Losing the Republic

It is abundantly clear that Democrats in Congress are salivating over impeaching President Trump. They are talking about articles of impeachment before they have interviewed the first witness. They have tipped their hand even before the cards are dealt. We are losing our Republic one liberal Democrat at a time.

Searching for evidence

After all of Trump's blaming everything on the media, you would think his followers would start searching for the facts and the evidence. If it looks like, sounds like, acts like, it is.

Word play

I saw a young man on TV last week with the first name of Nylon. What do you bet he has a brother named Rayon, and a sister named Polly Esther?

Double standard

I guess Trump made no factual errors in his hours long (what has been described as historical speech) to the U.N., because no story was printed. The president of the Ukraine was on a news conference with Trump saying the whole story was bologna, yet no story printed. Some ghost tells somebody he overheard something, it is printed as truth in every paper in the country.

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