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Sound Off for Sept. 28, 2019

Media bias?

How can half of the country vote for Trump, but not one person in charge of any sort of media be pro-Trump?

Is he afraid?

Why is Congressman Palazzo afraid to face the very people he is supposed to represent?

No cones

Please do not put out those ugly orange cones on beautiful U.S. 90. Cruisers will appreciate the beauty of the Coast.

President Pelosi?

In just two days, this impeachment inquiry has already implicated Trump, Pence, Barr, Rudy and unnamed others. If successful, the line to the Presidency goes to the third in line: President Pelosi.

Old saying

The public figures today should try an old saying that goes like this: “Keep your mouth shut and your thought to be stupid. Open your mouth and you remove all doubt.”

Too loud

The sound of multiple gun shots at 8 a.m. coming from the range near the airport is bound to terrify our school children. They should move the range to a rural part of the county or build an indoor facility.

Tax audits

Tax returns are audited to see if money is owed. That’s why we have the IRS. The president’s tax returns are audited for that purpose. If there had been smidgen of impropriety it would have been “leaked” already.

Fair and honest?

Three years plus investigating Russian rumors, and not one second investigating Biden rumors. That’s what our government and news media thinks is fair and honest.

All lies

I have now come to conclusion that I have been lied to by the government and the news media my entire life. They both know the truth about the existence of UFO’s, the Kennedy assassinations, Jimmy Hoffa and all this Trump nonsense. But there is no money in printing true stories.

Hate for Trump

Democrats have disrespected Donald Trump ever since he was duly-elected president. This has evolved into a strong hatred. They know they cannot beat him in an election, so they will do anything to get rid of him.

Jump to conclusions

Looks like Trent Lott and many of your readers have jumped to conclusion on Trump’s innocence. Telephone records and a patriotic whistleblower clearly says otherwise.

Comedy show

My watching network television shows is almost nil. I occasionally watch football games. I do look forward to watching the congressional hearings. These are often comical and very entertaining

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