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Sound Off for Sept. 23, 2019

Like a business

The reason President Trump fires people is because they don’t perform. That is how a successful business is ran. Unlike most government agencies and civil service jobs where they keep everyone.

Make the repairs

Before Crusin’ hits the Coast, I would like for the mayor of Biloxi to use Irish Hill on his commute from home to City Hall. There are numerous pot holes and pavement dips along this very busy roadway that could be easily addressed before the event. Another item that should be repaired is the traffic light at Irish Hill and White Avenue, which has been out of sync for months.

Totally ridiculous

This is in response to the Sound Off” titled “new town.” Me thinks that its author is either dreaming, drives off the traveled sections of the roadways or is an habitual complainant. I have lived near Gulfport since 1998 and I travel its roadways frequently. I disagree with their remark about referring to Gulfport as “Pot Hole City.” Maybe there’s a pot hole every mile or so. Also, I criticize the Sun Herald for printing such a Sound Off that is, in my opinion, untrue to the point of being capricious and totally ridiculous.

Just asking

So Donald Trump says it is OK that he asked the Ukrainian to investigate Joe Biden. Would Donald Trump think it's OK if the Democrats ask a foreign government to investigate him?

Thank you

I recently had the second best day in the history of my boat ownership when I sold it to a family in Louisiana. That started a buzz saw of paper problems with the Louisiana state tax collector. I was at my wits’ end and went to the Harrison County Tax Collector’s office. David LaRosa's office manager, Sharon Nash, helped me straighten things out. I was in and out in 15-20 minutes. Ms. Nash's efforts and her professional and courteous style should be commended. My sincere thanks.

Bird update

A recent poster said they had a few hummingbirds. I live just north of railroad street in Long Beach and have five feeders going full blast. I have at least eight “fighter pilots of the bird world” dogfighting over my feeders this morning. This number will grow as the cool weather approaches. The more “battle cries” that are heard, the more birds you get.

No hope?

I’m not so sure about the American motto, “In God We Trust.” It feels more like no help, no hope.

Weapon loss?

The Democrats what to take away your right to own an AK47 and AR15. If such a law is ever implemented, you can bet there would be language written in that will allow the government to take away all your weapons.

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