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Sound Off for Sept. 22, 2019

Providing protection

The American police officers make up the thin blue line that stands between civilization and chaos. They are the unappreciated who must do the unimaginable, and see the unthinkable to protect the ungrateful.

Attitude of mourning

I find it interesting that people get upset over “disrespecting” the flag by hanging it upside down. This is merely a symbol to mourn our Democracy, which has been disrespected by Trump. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to start watching some news other than Fox.

Lots of trouble

I’ve heard they say that a sitting president can’t be investigated. If Bill Clinton had known that it could have saved a lot of trouble.

Personal gain?

Interesting that Jim Hood released his investigation report implying that Tate Reeves used his influence to benefit and fast track building a road from his subdivision to a shopping center. Maybe he did, and maybe he didn’t. What bothers me most is that Hood is basically saying Reeves used his office for personal gain. Correct me if I’m wrong, but releasing a report from your office to make your opponent look bad to gain votes sure does look like using your office for personal gain to me.

No more loopholes

Republicans keep talking about Democrats wanting to raise taxes to support public schools, infrastructure and health care for all. The truth is that Democrats are tired of raising taxes on the working class, while big companies and the rich enjoy so many tax loopholes that they end up paying fewer or no taxes at all. Democrats’ plan is to get rid of these loopholes so that corporations and rich people pay what the rest of us pay. Yes, we do need higher taxes, but these new taxes will not be on the backs of working people anymore.

Explanation given

Someone wrote in that he/she has never seen any Democrat explain how to pay for all of the “free stuff” they want to give away. Have you heard about Warren’s 2 percent tax on the rich? That’s just one of many ways to pay for “free stuff.” Both Sanders and Warren have explained exactly how they will fund every one of their ideas. Other Democrats have done the same.

Finding the money

In answer to your questioning how Jim Hood would pay for his ideas, it’s quite simple. According to Reeves, our economy is the “best it’s ever been” and “is ‘growing.” Hence there should be plenty of funds to cover any added expenses. Even still there are plenty of overpaid state employee positions that could be cut. The point is there’s money in this state, it’s just not used appropriately.

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