Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 21, 2019

Safe and sound

If guns made us safer, we would be the safest country in the world.

Outrage needed

Iran is trying to goad us into war. Where is the outrage from the rest of the world? I think we should abandon the Middle East completely. Let the rest of the world deal with their craziness.

Two questions

Who’s behind the Saudi oil attacks? Who’s trying to make a case for war?

Safety first

It would be nice to see the numbers each month from local police departments of number of tickets for speeding, texting while driving or vehicles that shouldn’t be driven. This week alone I have seen three people blow stop signs coming onto Three Rivers Road or blowing past cars on double yellow lines. I support the police and want them to be safe, but I want to be safe as well.

Change name?

I do not recognize the Republican Party anymore. They are supposed to be the party of high moral standards but they support a president who is morally compromised. They are supposed to be the party that protects state’s rights but they are supporting President Trump’s efforts to stop California from establishing its own emission standards. The Republican Party is now the Republican Party in name only. They should change their name to something more appropriate.

Pay up

I agree with the Sound Off entitled “who pays.” No where have I heard or read how the Democrats are going to pay for all the “free” stuff they want to give away. Someone somewhere has to pay. It shouldn’t be the taxpayers. We already pay for things we’ll never get to use. I could make a list, but there wouldn’t be room in this column.

Clean it up

I agree completely about coastal beautification, the lack of it. I’ve tried repeatedly to bring attention to the horrible route to Gulfport/Biloxi airport, to no avail. Am I missing something? Do the leaders of this Coast actually want visitors to think our whole state looks like Hewes Avenue? It’s working.

Not fresh

Let’s stop calling this “fresh” water being dumped into the Mississippi Sound. It is anything but fresh.

Respect the flag

Twice a day my stomach churns and my blood pressure soars when I have no choice but to pass a house flying the American flag upside down. I have no problem with the yard being filled with Democrat campaign signs or the Dump Trump banner stretched across the garage door. To denigrate our flag in that manner is beyond disgusting. Republicans or Democrats, put country before politics. Respect our flag.

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