Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 19, 2019

Good headline

Great headline in the Sun Herald concerning Saints fans finding out about "life without Drew Brees." But, there are legions of Saints fans who know all too well what life is like without a star quarterback. Yep. We lose, we're called "Aints" and we wear bags over our heads in shame and continued losses. This season is toast already.

Bad calls

Well, it’s early in the NFL season, but already we can wonder how the thieves in striped shirts will find an exciting new way to rob the Saints of points in the next game.

Careful examination

Research shows that approx 10 days ago, out of 6 postings in Sound Off, four were conservative and one was not conservative. One day there were nine with one conservative and one not, the next day out of 10 postings two were conservative and one not. I have discovered that conservatives will never have “enough” until every posting is conservative. As to being called conservative, they definitely are not. They actually are radical right wings. I have always been a conservative but once I disagreed with these people, I was called a liberal.

Fans needed

The seafood festival needs to provide walk-thru water misters and big fans to beat the heat. Tents over the eating areas would have been great.

Poll results

I took a poll today and the results were overwhelming opposition to Trump being impeached, but support for Clinton’s impeachment.

Sign issue

Will someone please pick up those Bassett Furniture store roadside signs? The store is closed.

Nice work

Thanks to the Gulfport Police Department for their quick response in catching and arresting those involved in vandalizing cars at Gulfport Memorial Hospital and the nearby nursing homes.

Check the law

In response to the Sound Off which suggested that automatic weapons should be banned in the United States ... they already are. Private ownership of automatic guns is illegal in our country.

Just retirement

Collecting Social Security and Medicare you paid into your entire working career is not socialism like Republicans want everyone to believe. This is simply retirement for you.

New name?

Big Macs have dwindled in size. They should call them Little Macs.

Not cool

It is pathetic and cruel for the Democrats, augmented by the dying Grey Lady, the New York Times, to attack Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with yet another baseless, false, unsupported allegation of sexual misconduct from decades ago. There is no victim, no witnesses, no police report. Just a trumped up allegation.