Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 18, 2019

Annoying habit

When I saw “sound issues“ and WLOX, I thought I was going to be reading about the weathercasters. Why is it that every WLOX meteorologist clicks his or her tongue? I suppose it’s better than “you know” or “uhhhhh,” but it’s still an annoying habit.

Boring game

On Sunday against the Rams, the Saints seemed confused and were undisciplined. When Drew Brees was injured there was pure bedlam. Teddy Bridgewater's receivers were unable to catch his passes for some reason. This was a very tedious and boring football game. The Rams were not very entertaining either.

Trump’s wealth

Really? Trumps popularity with foreign leaders makes you cringe? Not sure what to make of such a weakness. Also not sure why his wealth and ability to generate publicity should be an issue. His wealth and image have been around for 40 years. Obama's wealth and publicity came while in office and from groveling all over the planet.

Repairs needed

Wouldn't it be nice if Biloxi fixed the rough railroad crossing over Eisenhower before the Cruisers arrive so they won't tear up their suspensions like the locals do. If it is a CSX problem then make them fix it. This is one of the busiest crossings in Biloxi.

Hold on

The average citizen will receive no benefit from the restoration of the Saenger theatre. Let the rich pay for it with donations and fundraisers, not public funds and certainly not BP money.

Price increase

A $0.30 jump in prices overnight? I guess if it wasn't a rocket I'm sure a disturbance in the Gulf would be to blame for the spike. Yet another reason to use domestic oil. Ever notice how big oil has no problem with a massive increase instantly but when the price of supply oil drops, the price at the pump only falls a few cents and that takes months to happen.

Fake claims

How many times have you heard President Trump proclaim that his big, beautiful 2,000 mile-long border wall is being built? In fact, in his over two and a half years in office, all that's been done is the refurbishing of less than 50 miles of old fence. It's a fakeout.

Unbearable heat

My friend and I didn’t go to the Gumbo Tasting contest at the festival because last year the heat with no tent was unbearable. They should have corrected that for this year.

Work times

Can’t the Harrison County Sand crews perform their cleanup operations on U.S. 90 at some time other than morning rush hour? Do the work at night with lights, when delays due to the lane closure don’t inconvenience locals.

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