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Sound Off for Sept. 15, 2019

Unfair elections?

Why are people saying that abolishing the electoral college will make elections unfair? Going to a one person, one vote system is the most fair of any voting system.

Automatic rifles

Has anyone who owns an automatic assault rifle had to defend themselves and were saved only because they had that weapon instead of a traditional firearm for home protection? Why do they insist that U.S. citizen have access to these war weapons? Does the federal government know something we don't? Perhaps the imminent failure of the current administration in protecting citizens from war on our home turf? Think about it.

Big money

Weapons generate big money. That’s what it’s all about.

Who pays?

Jim Hood has said that he will expand education to include a statewide preschool, get teachers a raise, expand health care to cover over 300,000 people and cut out the grocery tax. He says he will do this without raising taxes. Although I am a Republican, I think those are all great ideas. However, I would like to know how he will do all of this without raising taxes. Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to have to pay for the new expenditures and tax shortfall.

One comment

It is hard to understand why people continue the practice of eating raw oysters with the vibrio vulnificus bacteria in the water now polluted by so much water released through the spillways.

Strange light?

I saw pulsating red, white and green lights over the Gulf again. They don't move. Does anyone know what they are?

Food for thought

I met an elderly Frenchman many years ago who told me, "Capitalism, is like applying oil to the blade of a shovel to help you dig and be productive, with socialism and communism the oil is placed on the handle of the shovel." Then, a few years ago, I met an elderly Vietnamese gentleman who came over in 1974. He told me, "Common sense is not very common in this country anymore." Food for thought.

True friends?

I cringe every time I see Trump claim to be good friends with other world leaders. He's not. His personal fortune and publicity are his only true friends.

Loving it

I totally agree with the Merle Haggard lyric that "if you don't love it, leave it." No one is required to stay in a place that you don't love.

Two cuts?

The Coast needs to eliminate two things ASAP. No longer applicable political signs and Morris Bart legal ads on TV.

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