Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 14, 2019

Under a rock?

This is the person asking if we even have a president. One question: Do you live under a rock? Our president is doing all the things he promised to do. However he has had to fight the Democrats on every single thing he tries to do.

Poor judge

It should be obvious to everyone by now that President Trump is a poor judge of character and competence. He keeps having to fire or drive out the people he chooses to serve him.

Dangerous road

Greyhound Way in Ocean Springs headed south from the high school is a dangerous road for pedestrian traffic. I have been wondering for a long time why Jackson County widened and put in a pedestrian and bike lane all the way down Old Spanish Trail from the high school to the middle school, but did nothing to address the road that has the real student traffic on it. I have witnessed numerous students riding their bikes and walking to the high school along Greyhound Way with no safe lane for them to travel. Something needs to be done before a child or an adult using this road gets hit. Who agrees with me?

Calling a strike

“Probably Not” missed my point and has a lot of presumptions. I accused ABC of trying to make nothing something because they are anti-Trump biased to the core. It’s not a guess. I watch everyday and I’m accurate. You presume I watch Fox, and by innuendo, am unable to ferret truth from deception or that I’m unequal in my assessment. I read and watch broadly and deeply. It wasn’t a gaffe or accident by ABC but part of pattern and practice. I called a strike. Replay would confirm it.

What’s the law?

My ear, nose and throat doctor has self check in. That’s no joke. You are given an iPad to enter all your info. I was just there a couple of months ago and had to write it all out. Have been going to him for 14 years. No other doctor I go to collects my information so frequently. They say it is the law. So are all the others breaking the law?

Show proof

This is to “missing things” in Monday’s paper. President Trump has made a lot of comments that can be considered rude, or maybe even offensive. However, you failed to cite even one example of a direct quote that could be deemed to be racist. If you wish to say something negative about someone, you really should back up your comment with some actual proof.

Too hot?

I read the comment in Wednesdays Sound Off about the lack of hummingbirds. My fellow “birders” and I were just commenting on the same thing. The obvious answer is it is just too hot. There really hasn’t been a cold front to encourage hummingbirds to head south.

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