Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 13, 2019

To be clear

Just to make this clear to those who have a hard time understanding ... the left or far left as some call it do not want to take away everyone’s guns. We just want solid background checks to weed out the unstable people from easily acquiring guns. Period.

One question

When we have all electric cars and no longer have fossil fuels, what is going to fuel the power plants?

Another question

My Mississippi driver’s license expires in 2020 and does not have a star on the upper right side of the license. Is my military ID good enough to board planes?

Not applicable

Some of the selected applicants for the BP restoration money don’t seem applicable.

Pave the roads

Did anyone notice the list of proposed projects for BP money didn't include many projects that would benefit the most citizens like paving roads? A diabetics and obesity research center? There are institutions already in place for such research. Commercial development of properties in Pass Christian? If there were any more vacant properties near the CBD there wouldn't be any open businesses there. Pave some streets instead of patching over the existing potholes. Has any public official driven Washington Avenue near Airport Road?

Finish date?

Can anyone please tell us when the U.S. 90 repaving project will be completed? Or at least tell us why they cannot finish an entire section before proceeding to the next? The frequent bumping and clunking over this uneven pavement is destroying the suspension of my vehicles. Is this the same bunch that is paving Biloxi’s streets?

Change is constant

I am no "denier" but our climate has been changing continually since creation. I support being good stewards of our natural resources and abhor pollution. But I will not support any attempt to drastically undermine our economy as it is. Period. If you believe man can change the weather by reaching into my pocket to pay for "carbon credits" and taking away oil as our economic driver, I still have that bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Scare tactics

It amuses me when politicians or everyday people repeat the words used by our leaders. The word socialism keeps popping up in Sound Off. Every since the 1950s or later this word shows up to scare folks from voting a certain way. They try to make it sound like a communist way of life. These are the same people who enjoy their social security, Medicare, public schools, roads and a variety of other government and state run plans. Ignore the scare tactics and vote to put this country and its citizens first.

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