Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 12, 2019

New town?

I use to live in Gulfport, Mississippi. Now I live in Pot Hole City. And I didn’t even move.

Go Trump

The question was asked if I would support Trump if he were doing everything he is doing now, but was a Democrat. Heck yes, I would. Good luck though, finding a Democrat that wants secure country borders, lower taxes, a strong economy and all the other great things President Trump is doing.

Move on

Holy Moly, the president picks the wrong hurricane track model to comment on and heads explode. Get over yourselves and move on to the next subject to attack him on.

Job description

CNN reporter Jim Acosta is arrogant, rude, egotistical and self serving as that organization’s White House journalist. He asks grandstanding questions and behaves petulantly. He isn’t trying to be objective, but rather trying to goad President Trump because fundamentally Acosta hates him. He doesn’t feel the president is due any respect. These attributes aren’t part of the job description for a reporter.

Already fired

Do we even have a president? He stays on the golf course and never fulfills his job description. If he were one of us, he would have already been fired.

Clean it up

Make the first exit into Biloxi off the Interstate 110 bridge. Unbelievable that Biloxi lets Bayview Avenue look so bad. I’m sure they have an excuse if you were to call and complain. It’s too hot, been raining too much or no money. If my yard looked like that I would be getting fines.

A mixup?

Our country is we the people. Our Constitution is we the people. Why then are our representatives serving them the corporations?

No hurt feelings

We have fewer humming birds so far this year, but everything has been different this year due to the extended winter and cold weather. Some parts of the country had no spring at all. We did have our normal ton of hummers the two previous years. Fewer gnats and love bugs this year didn't hurt my feelings.

Unusual motives?

I bet governments around the world keep war active just so they can sell weapons.

Out of office

How many more monster storms do we need to convince deniers of global warming? Greenland is melting, islands are disappearing and flood zones are widening. What more proof do you need? Scientists confirm it, but you look for the few who don’t. Fracking for gas and drilling for oil are tearing up the planet. We need solar energy and we need it now. Vote the deniers out of office.

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