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Sound Off for Sept. 11, 2019

Another honor

Just read that Paul Overstreet will be the first inductee into the Mississippi Songwriters Hall of Fame. What about Bob Morrison who is from Biloxi (who grew up across the street from me) who has been writing songs for over 40 years? Don’t know him? Well he wrote and co-wrote songs such as “Looking for Love” from Urban Cowboy, “You Decorated My Life” recorded Kenny Rogers, and others recorded by Glen Campbell, Reba McIntire, Conway Twitty, George Jones and Loretta Lynn to name a few.. Nothing against Paul Overstreet.

Not a first

As many older Saints fans will remember, they used a “prevent defense” in the fourth quarter when they were ahead and “hoping” to run out the clock. The Saints defenders would “drop back” into pass coverage, allowing every offensive receiver plenty of room to make a catch. And catch they did. And the Saints lost. The fans called it the “prevent winning” defense. And it did that, too. Thanks to the Houston Texans for employing our bad decisions.

Wine first

If the Looking For Wine Mississippi Coalition is successful in their legislative push to pass a law allowing grocery stores to sell wine, a big-name grocery store would immediately locate to Biloxi.

Too bright?

The giant, flashing billboard on the north side of Fort Bayou Bridge in Ocean Springs is a very distracting and dangerous situation due to the fact that there is no median or barricade between oncoming traffic. This is a major accident waiting to happen.

Lost birds

For many years I would get between 10-15 hummingbirds at my feeders. However, the last three years I have only gotten 2-3. Does anyone else have the same issue or know what is causing it?

Something’s fishy

I have watched people swimming and fishing all along the coast. Crab boats running traps along beach. I’m sure they are selling them somewhere. Not once have I heard of anyone getting ill. Sounds like a money grab to me.

For the public?

The governor of our great state said charter schools have been effective at lifting poor and unders-erved children out of failing districts. Isn’t it his responsibility to see that they are not failing districts? Good ole boy politics at its best.

Looking good

Thank you to the City of Biloxi for cutting the grass along Popps Ferry Road. This is a major roadway into our city and should be kept in immaculate condition if we want to attract people to our city. Keep up the good work!

On blast

The next time you get a call from a telemarketer just answer the phone with Hello, you're on the air! It works!

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