Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 10, 2019

An insult

There is a new chain mail making the rounds that claims that a group of baboons should no longer be called a “troup of baboons.” The reasoning is that since they congregate, they should be called a “congress of baboons.” My personal opinion is that this is an insult to the baboons.

Don’t call

I’m really aggravated that my phone rings constantly and that I have to screen my calls before answering! I’m of the opinion that if you annoy me at home I should be able to talk to a live person and tell then to take me off the list. You won’t get my vote by your robo-calls and surveys and wives pleading for their husbands’ votes.


A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. Disastrous loopholes like this need to be abolished.


I have a relative who lives in the Oaks subdivision in Biloxi. There seems to be a significant sewage leak that has been going on near the lift station releasing major amounts of waste into Biloxi Bay and I have not heard any announcements warning the public.

Don’t endorse

Bill Waller needs to think twice should he consider endorsement of Tate Reeves as some suggest. While he has some really good ideas that could move Mississippi forward, I’m sure many of his votes in the run-off election were cast as the “Reeves alternative.” He needs to instead endorse the other “Reeves alternative” who also has some good ideas for getting the state off the dime.

Tiki touch

To the people who own the house with all the flaming torches around the back deck: what a beautiful sight driving down your street at night!

Crime is crime

Regarding the Hancock County deputy who got arrested for a domestic disturbance but his name was withheld from the media. Everyone else who gets arrested has a mugshot that anyone can see and their name is published. Are police officers above the law?

Helping hands

Thanks so much to the Pass Christian fireman who rescued a stranded osprey on a Sunday morning and the two wonderful people from Whisper of Hope and Wild at Heart who also came out on a Sunday morning to take the osprey to their center. Consider donating to these rescue shelters!

Hemp legal

I do not believe anyone has answered the question in Sound Off as to when CBD became legal in Mississippi. CBD became legal in all 50 states when President Trump signed the last farm bill. I believe it was in December. It is now legal to sell and buy CBD if it is derived from hemp. The bill made all hemp products legal.

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