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Sound Off for Aug. 26, 2019

A question

Mr. Obama worked with Joe Biden during his entire presidency. If he believes Mr Biden is a satisfactory candidate for the presidency of the United States, why has he not supported or campaigned for him?

Good oysters

Half Shell Oyster House is my family's go-to restaurant for raw, grilled, and baked oysters. There are two locations on the Coast, one in downtown Biloxi and one in downtown Gulfport. Another good place is Mikey's on the Bayou in Ocean Springs.

Fundamental changes

It is the United "States" of America, not “the liberal coasts of America.” Our country was founded on states’ rights. Specifically the electoral college, among other things, was put in place to prevent large states from being lords over the smaller states. But the left wants to fundamentally change the foundation of this great country.

What you want?

The folks who want to abolish the electoral college need to understand why it was put in place. It was established so that the smaller states would still have a voice. For example, Los Angeles County in California alone has a higher population than 41 states. Without the electoral college our little state of Mississippi would be meaningless in national elections. Is that what you really want?

Not honest

Convenience fees are dishonest. Businesses should either make legitimate sales or go out of business.

Counting the days

It will be nice when the elections are over. There will be fewer unsolicited ads for “whoever lives at this address.” Most of the junk mail is on slick, non-recyclable paper that ends up in the dump instead of a recycle bin.

Helping people

I don's agree with all that "liberals" say, but I do understand their desire to help working people with medical care, food, clean water to drink and so on. I also don't agree with those that demonize liberals, especially in light of the fact that many of those"liberal states" pay more in federal dollars than they get back, which in turn is given to states like Mississippi.

A disease

Mental illness is a term for diseases affecting the brain. The symptoms of mental illness vary in severity and outward appearance, just like symptoms from diseases of the lungs, kidneys, liver and other internal organs. No one wants to be mentally ill, but there is little victims can do to prevent it and, like many other illnesses, it is usually incurable. More research on brain science is sorely needed. What is not helpful is the increasing use of the words “crazy” and “crazies” by politicians. Please don’t vote for candidates who ridicule sick people.

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