Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 25, 2019

Your choice?

What would you rather look at? Beautiful blue water or ugly brown water? Mississippi needs to invent new incentives to attract tourists.

Brilliant idea

This is about selling beer at the USM football games. What a brilliant idea ... ranks up there with telling your wife the dress she is wearing makes her look fat. And these are the people educating our youth.

Some facts

Mr. President, you say we have to vote for you because Democrats will crash our economy. Here are some facts: the last person to crash our economy was a Republican, George W. Bush. President Obama inherited that disaster, turned the economy around and kept it growing for six straight years. Kudos to you for keeping the growth going, but, clearly, Democratic presidents – such as Roosevelt, Truman, Clinton, and Obama – have also been good for the economy.

No obligation

Sound Off has no obligation to make it look like half of the coast is anti-Trump. The Coast is overwhelmingly conservative/Trump supporters.

Enlighten me

Someone enlighten me and tell me what Trump has said that makes him a racist. I fail to find anything.

Pure propaganda

There is nothing about the phrase, “Make America Great Again” that is racist. It includes everybody. There is nothing wrong with being proud of this country and desiring its continued greatness. It doesn’t mean other nations are less nor prohibited from greatness in their own right. Because we rise or succeed isn’t synonymous with their decline in any fashion. President Trump’s actions and policies have delivered on his campaign promises, which have benefited all. That’s factual and demonstrable. The Democratic counter narrative pushed through the lazy media is pure propaganda.

Did he pay?

Did the taxpayers of the Coast get their money back from the Trump campaign from his visit here and in Jackson? If not, why?

More details?

Jim Hood says he will cut our taxes and also cut the grocery tax, but he doesn't tell us where the loss of revenue will come from. Democrats are known as the party of raising taxes and Mr. Hood is also an advocate of a gas tax. It's not what he says that is the issue, it's what he doesn't say.

One tactic

When people call me and tell me that my computer is messed up and they need to charge me to fix it, I simply tell them to meet me at a specific address where I will be waiting for them with a large sack of cash. I neglect to mention it is a police station.

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