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Sound Off for Aug. 24, 2019

Another suggestion

I'm from the old school and don't eat oysters before the middle of October and never after March. However, during my season I really enjoy oysters at Mikey's on the Bayou in Ocean Springs. During the season they usually have oysters on the half shell for $7 a dozen. I have also tried pasteurized oysters in the off season. They are just awful.

Fly the flag

One thing I have noticed since President Trump. I seem to see more people flying the American flag in front of homes and businesses. Also seeing it is OK for “In God We Trust” to be back in schools and many other places.

True support

It is really comedic when a Democrat opines on what the Republican party is, or needs. To say that Trump is tearing the party apart is ludicrous. True Republicans support Trump completely. The Republicans that do not are called Democrats. Look at the Democrat party and its 20 candidates running to lead the destruction of America. There you will see a party in collapse.

Shameful tactics

Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy Daniels, collusion, immigrant concentration camps, racism ... now liberals are hoping the economy fails so they can attempt to vote out President Trump. Shameful. Trump derangement syndrome at its worst.

Close your eyes

Trump derangement syndrome more fittingly applies to those who close their eyes to his documented corruption and blindly follow the president.

Too fast

U.S. 90 is paved, so now vehicles westbound start at Broad Avenue all the way to the University of Southern Mississippi with cars at 60 mph, 18-wheelers at 65 mph and motorcycles at 70 mph

The cause?

Mental illness and video games are not the primary causes of mass murders in the United States. The primary cause is hate. Hate of other races, other religions, other sexual orientations, other nationalities and other ideologies.

My favorites

I’m hooked on fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream.

Who is responsible?

The University of Southern Mississippi will be the first to sell beer at football games. Great. That is all we need is 25,000 people under the influence hitting the highways after the game. Will the university and the state be held responsible for injuries and deaths?

Renewal notice

My auto registration expires at the end of August. To this date I have not received a renewal notice. Are they still being sent out?

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