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Sound Off for Aug. 21, 2019

Service expansion

What's desperately needed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is more air service. The Gulfport-Biloxi metro area has as much, if not more, to offer than Pensacola 95 miles away does. Yet, despite similarities in airport size and area population, Pensacola offers nonstop air service to 20 cities, with the added bonus of having a major discount air carrier, Southwest, serving their airport. Gulfport has air service to only 5 cities. It seems that Gulfport once had more airlines and destinations available to Mississippi Gulf Coast travelers.

Anyone remember?

Remember W.V. Joyce years ago on the northwest corner of Howard Avenue and Reynoir? Wells Fargo bank is there now. Can anyone tell me in what year did the store close?

Please pray

Please take a moment from your busy day to say a prayer for Richard Harkness, that he be delivered from the burden of the hateful Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Double standard?

Has anyone else noticed that the Democrats rail hardest against the electoral college only when they lose? When Obama won, they praised the system for working, but when Hillary lost, they started calling to abolish it.

Torn apart

I’m amazed at the Republicans watching their political party be torn apart by their president. Trump can’t follow what he put his hand on the Bible and vowed to do, protect the Constitution. He is always either ignoring or working around it.

Honest reporting

The media needs to start honestly reporting that the economy is not as great as the claims. Just look around. Our money is buying less and less and prices keep going up and up.

Reduce interest

What President Trump needs to work on now is to get the credit card banks to reduce their interest rate. Example: 24 percent to 26 percent is ridiculous. A decent rate would be 8 percent to 10 percent.

Cushion the blow

Greedy politicians are pointing fingers. Rogue CEOs are giving humanitarian speeches full of lies. They’re all trying to cushion the blow and prevent backlash for their own selfishness. They know what’s around the bend. Impending doom.

Way to go

Kudos to WLOX 13 news. I like your new graphics. The colors are pleasing to the eye and the new larger font draws the eye to the streaming information as it scrolls across the bottom of the screen. Way to go.

What gives?

I enjoyed my visit to the Maritime and Seafood Museum Saturday but was disappointed to find no mention of D'Iberville in the hurricane exhibit. Was there a reason for this?

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