Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 20, 2019

Trouble brewing?

Dimly lit confined space, copious amounts of alcohol, sharp implements of destruction being thrown from afar by people dressed as lumberjacks. What could go wrong?

Darts anyone?

Axe throwing at a bar? Really? Don’t we have enough violence going on in the nation without having a bar that promotes axe throwing? What was wrong with darts? They still are trying to hit the bullseye.

Great show

If you haven’t already, a must see thing to do is visit the new Centennial Plaza fountain at night in order to enjoy the music and dancing water show. It is professionally done and enjoyable to watch. It makes you proud to be a Gulf Coast resident. You can also enjoy the benefit of watching this happen while the American flag is lit up, blowing in the breeze, and waving in its glory.

Why do many?

I thought the economy was great. I thought everyone under Trump’s brilliant leadership was fairing well. Well, can someone explain, with all the extra money Trump put in people’s pockets, why there are so many delinquent taxes?

The shame

What a nice, undevisive Sound Off to print, “Ban Trump.” Sun Herald, don’t be apart of the problem.

Well done

Just read the Sound Off from Destroying America and I got to say I could not agree more. Very well put and needed to be said.

Why I vote

I don't vote Republican because I like the letter R. Today's parties are well defined on the major issues. If a Democrat was against abortion, for lower taxes, smaller government, gun rights and protecting our borders, I could vote for them. But how could you be for all of those and be a Democrat? Go to Washington and and oppose all of your fellow Democrats? Fifty years ago I voted for some Democrats. I choose according to issues, and today those candidates always have an R beside their name.

Can’t see truth

Thank you Richard Harkness for speaking the truth with clarity and power. I wake up daily newly horrified that Trump supporters are so blinded by their prejudices that they are unable to see the truth.

One clarification

Lady Liberty, Mr. Harkness, does not wear a blindfold. Lady Justice does.

Making an impact

People in Hong Kong really know how to protest. I’m impressed.

Geaux Saints

Taysom Hill is the New Orleans Saints Dynamo. He passes. He runs. He scores. I am surprised he doesn't kick too. He is really exciting to watch. Geaux Saints.

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