Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 19, 2019

What gives?

Every night the news programs from the three major networks show crime video they describe in advance as “disturbing.” If you have to warn me about it, why are you showing it?

Pretty tasty

Turkey burgers are pretty good.

More data

All these test scores are great information. However, what I'd like to see is a child's score on the test at the beginning of the year versus their score at the end of the year. Wouldn't that be a more telling sign of how well the children were educated versus who already knew the material at the beginning? I suspect certain, more prominent areas of the coast would have similar beginning and ending results.

Destroying America

I believe that loyalty to a particular political party is destroying America. Do people investigate the candidates to determine that person's qualifications, or just vote for them because that person happens to be running on the Democratic or Republican ticket? I have relatives, that if the Lord God Almighty was running on the Democratic ticket, and Lucifer was running on the Republican ticket, they would still vote Republican. I am sure that if the situation was reversed, there would be Democrats who would vote Democrat. We need to put the most qualified people in Congress, and not vote party lines.

Some questions

So my question is this. If all these illegal immigrants are free loaders and getting free stuff, then why is it that ICE is raiding their place of employment? Also why are they not arresting the business owner who hires them?

Painless tax

Just a question for the person who says no new taxes. How do you pay to repair our bridges and roads? A small increase in the gas tax would be a fair tax for road users. Gas prices are low so it would be a painless tax increase.

No complaining

No new taxes? Fine. Then quit complaining about crumbling roads, dangerous bridges, inadequate school funding, inadequate mental health care, dangerous prisons and inadequate pay for public servants resulting in understaffed services.

Selected state?

Anyone else notice that none of our state leaders have uttered a word about the recent ICE raids? I believe our state was selected due to an accurate perception of Mississippi as “low hanging fruit,” where there would be little protest regarding these actions.

Feeling sad

I for one am saddened and disappointed by the Biloxi Brewing Co. closing. I especially enjoyed drinking Biloxi Blonde Brew. I hope that somebody, maybe some other microbrewer, will acquire the rights to their brews and keep them available for purchase.

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