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Sound Off for Aug. 17, 2019

Stay aware

With the recent reporting of people's jobs being affected by things they have posted on social media, it's time for this generation to realize something. Anything posted online can affect you. That means social media accounts, blogs, opinion sites, absolutely anything. If you would not say it in polite company, if you would not say it to your mother or grandmother, don't post it. Years later it can come back to haunt you, and often in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, lessons have to sometimes be learned the hard way.

Divisive ads

I refuse to vote for any candidate who bases his campaign on what his opponents say or don't say, did or didn't do. If they have concrete plans to fix something they think needs fixing, they should share the details with the voters. Negative campaigning divides us even more, but does not really give any useful information on which to base a vote.

Change needed

It is disheartening to hear these Republican candidates for state office on their advertisements expressing how they are going to help build the wall when there is nothing in their job description that gives them any power to do that. They are supposed to be working to help the state of Mississippi to better itself, but no one tells us what they plan to do. Maybe some day we will realize that a change in the people running Mississippi, regardless of party, is necessary to improve our state.

Trump ban

I see Trump is getting certain people banned from other countries. He should be banned from this country.

Trump party?

The Republican Party should be truthful and change its name to the Trump Party.

Fair statement?

Why don't people listen to Trump's full statements instead of accepting edited versions from liberals or media as the whole truth? Trump said that those who don't love America should return to their native country, fix those problems and then return to show us how they did it. Sounds fair, not racist.

Ban it

I just read in Wednesday's paper that another city in Mississippi is banning this kratom unregulated herbal product. Thirty or more cities here have criminalized possession of it. Let us be one of the more cities and get a statewide ban on it.

Sad situation

When our Constitution was written, freedom of speech allowed the press to be the citizen's "watch dog" against government abuse. The mainstream media has been the lapdog for their own liberal interests for some years now. Free speech is only free if you agree with them. Very sad.

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