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Sound Off for Aug. 16, 2019

Fake news?

According to the news, the economy is headed for a recession with Trump’s policies. Or is this fake news too?

No tweeting

Our next president should not be allowed to tweet. We have seen how that works. A presidency is too complicated for middle school communication.

Questionable call

Did the Sun Herald think because the front page article had Mississippi River in it that it had any relevance to us?

Know history

I see now why Mississippi ranks 49 or 50th in the nation. How can a person grow up without knowledge of their country’s history? There is no job in the USA that does not, in some way or fashion, involve history or the decision made by said history.

A mistake?

In the article about facial recognition scanners in Thursdays paper, it was stated that the scanners mistakenly identified California legislators as criminals. Really, was that a mistake? Maybe we should set these scanners up at the U. S. Capital.

Scam warning

Can’t figure this scam call out yet. Caller says my subscription to computer service has expired and unless I call them a charge of $399 will be charged to my account in the morning. I don’t have a subscription or account for such service. Are they just getting me to call in? I am certainly not going to call them. They call 2 or 3 times a day. Leave me alone.

No new taxes

No new taxes. Period. Any gubernatorial candidate who supports any increases is dead in the water.

Evil tactics

I am sick of hearing Tate Reeves’ negative ads against Bill Waller and Jim Hood. He knows he has a weak record so he has resorted to evil tactics.

An easy fix?

Much wringing of hands has occurred about the separation of families of the chicken plant workers illegally in this country. Easy fix: reunite the families and expel them together.

You would know

I read there are 300 million guns in private ownership and a trillion rounds of ammunition. Seriously folks, if we gun owners were the problem, you would know it.

Church and state

We as a democracy need to go back to a nation that worships God. If we do that, separation of church and state happens easily.

Hefty fine

As I have said from the beginning, employers who hire illegals should be arrested with a minimum of six months mandatory jail time and a hefty $10,000 fine for each illegal. By employer, I mean the owners, not some manager.

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