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Sound Off for Aug. 15, 2019

Needs attention

The Popp’s Ferry bridge got stuck again. Clearly we can put to bed any thought of a proposed new east-west corridor and do something permanently about the old bridge. Popp’s Ferry is a major thoroughfare which needs attention now.

Walmart country

The reason Winn Dixie in Biloxi closed is because of not enough customers. We live in Walmart country. They have a monopoly for grocery stores. There is nowhere else to shop, so they get to set their prices anywhere they like.

Schedule suggestion

The Sun Herald recently ran an article about the lower attendance that the college teams are experiencing. Very simple solution. The fans do not want to see the major 5 conferences play teams that are not in another of the major 5 college conferences. Who wants to see Alabama play Western Carolina? Not me. The fans want to see them play the big 10 teams or ACC teams when not playing teams in their conference.

Academic journals

We need a public library that offers access to online academic journals.

Need answers

In one week my son will be gone two years. In our state there are too few pathologists, which means I still do not know the cause of his death. Will you ever hire enough? Will you pay them enough to stay? When will I know why my son is dead?

Repairs needed

The U.S. Navy Base KCS railroad tracks in Gulfport are overgrown with weeds and trees and can't be used. Repairs need to be made before we have a transit emergency.

Sad state

So Joe Biden is not presidential material and people think Trump is. What is this world thinking to come to this conclusion? So sad what this country is turning out to be.

Not a requirement

Sadly, being "presidential material" is not a requirement to run for, nor be elected, president of the United States of America.

Must be hurting

The GOP sure has to be really hurting to drag up Obama and Ms. Clinton or Obamacare in their anti-Hood TV commercials. Really?

One suggestion

Why not require the processing plants that were knowingly working the illegals in Mississippi pay for the care of the relatives? Give the relatives the opportunity to apply for citizenship or leave the country. Require all remaining to learn English.

Remember when

Once upon a time, people would actually obey and do what the police told them to do. Amazing huh?

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