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Sound Off for Aug. 14, 2019

Thank you

Recently I had to spend some time on the sixth and seventh floor of Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. I want to express my sincere thanks to my caregivers. They were so kind and professional. These people work so very hard. If you should have to stay there please give them a smile and a thank you. They deserve every bit of kindness.

Contract workers

Workers hired as contractors are basically self-employed and don’t receive benefits as employees used to. This leads to many with poor health insurance and no retirement savings of any meaningful amount.

Violent criminals

Why can’t ICE use its significant resources to focus on violent criminals, the ones that Trump said were causing all our problems? I am so sad about what’s happening with these raids.

Change needed

The economy keeps growing. Unemployment is at a half-century low. Yet many people feel their jobs have been devalued by employers that increasingly prioritize shareholders and customers. This quote from the Sun Herald is very true and things have to change for the ordinary citizen.

Wine sales

You will never see a Trader Joe’s or Publix until they are allowed to sell wine. Contact your state representatives.

Grocery stores

To answer the question posed as to why we cannot get a Publix or other large grocery store. It is because they know we have enough grocery stores in our area to support the existing population. How is this so, you might ask? There is a huge store a large portion of our population frequents instead of Walmart and Rouses. It is called the commissary at Keesler.

Look it up

Should immigrants be allowed government assistance? No. I know of no Central or South American country I can move to legally without showing I’m self sufficient.

Lack of understanding

Perhaps it should be required that in order to run for any elected office, the potential candidate must take and pass courses in American government, economics, history, the Constitution, ethics and morality within two years of declaring their desire to run. The lack of understanding on the part of some people in office is appalling.

Big changes

When our Constitution was written in 1789, guns were single shot muskets meant to protect hearth and home. A lot has change since then. Now we have weapons made for soldiers and swat teams –that are available to anyone who wants to shoot up a school, a church, a theater – or a Walmart. Is this really what you want?

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