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Sound Off for Aug. 7, 2019

Violent shows

Does anyone besides me notice this trend about Hollywood? There isn’t hardly a TV show or movie that doesn’t have a gun or someone getting murdered involved.

Let them wait

Last week I bought a new television set. It will be seven days before they can deliver it, do the installation and set up. If I can wait for a week to have my purchase delivered then I don’t think it is unreasonable to delay purchase of a hand gunfire a few days pending a background check.

Actions of one

Truth is, only one person is responsible for each of the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The twisted individuals themselves, social media and mental illness. No gun law can prevent this madness.

Guns kill

Guns kill, not people. Without a gun no one gets shot. Planes killed on 9/11 – laws, inspections, and awareness stopped and took planes away as weapons, period. The same must be done for weapons of war and rapid fire magazines.

Tasteless food

Here’s a thought. I think the government is trying to make food as tasteless as possible to get people to cut back. It has to do with food production and global warming.

Why vote?

Why should anyone vote? With all the advertisements on TV, they just confuse you, All the people running will say anything just to get your vote and will do nothing they say after they win the election.

Fix the roads

The city of Gulfport must be really rich and overloaded with money. The reason is simple. The roads are a mess, and now very dangerous for vehicles to travel on. There are some places on the roads that can really do some harm to the vehicle, and scare or shake up the people inside the vehicle. It can cause major damage or an accident. We hope the people in charge of road maintenance will let the press and the public know why they can not do repairs daily. We really look forward for the excuses. Some out here can’t afford to spend money on vehicles. Looking also for the press to do a good a great job checking into this matter.

Open primaries

I voted today, very reluctantly after having to declare which party I am in. I am neither Democrat or Republican. I was deprived of my choice granted to me in the “free elections” clause of the Constitution. I wanted to vote for some folks who are Republicans and some folks who are Democrats. Voter suppression front and center. Other states have has open primaries for years, our neighbors included. Why not Mississippi? What can be done?

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