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Sound Off for Aug. 4, 2019

Wider road needed

An east-west corridor makes as much sense as a $3 bill. We truly need a wider and more accessible Popp’s Ferry Road. Now.

Negative news

A recent Sound Off writer ("liberal company") complained that President Trump receives negative press "90 plus percent" of the time from the "anything but conservative" McClatchy Co., owner of the Sun Herald. Consider this: If Trump receives press that is 90 percent negative, it's because he does negative stuff 90 percent of the time. That is simply accurate reporting. Are you perhaps confusing "negative" news with "fake" news? The two words are not synonyms.

Rapid decline?

After watching two nights of the Democratic debates, I looked back and told myself it was a total waste of time. If any of these people are elected president of the United States, the country will start a rapid, maybe non-recoverable decline.

Bridge for sale

For those of you who truly believe that the Democrats are not for unrestricted abortion and open borders ... please see me, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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