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Sound Off for Aug. 3, 2019

Quit smoking

I visited a dear friend in the hospital dying of lung cancer. She was one of those smokers who never thought it would happen to her and she would always say, "you're gonna die of something anyway." She is now suffering in agony. For everyone's sake, please quit smoking. It is easier than ever now with so many helpful stop smoking methods. Your friends and family love you and never want to see you suffer like this.

Digital drawbacks

Does anyone feel safer with the digital (Internet) world? All we hear about is cyber hacking of many and various targets. Paper is far more safer, but understandably not as popular. The move for certain progressive advances have real drawbacks.

Outrageous actions

Several things come into question while watching jerks pour water over police men. Is this what our country has come to? How do the police tolerate such outrageous actions? Some people have no respect for the law anymore. And they should be dealt with accordingly.

Protect the water

I am 74 years old, and my family and my wife's family were all born here. We fished, crabbed, and swam in the waters around Biloxi all our lives. There were times that we picked up 3 to 4 dozen softshell crabs a night on Biloxi beach. Now I am afraid to touch the waters in the Sound and bays. I know that most of the pollution in our waters is from runoff, via the Mississippi River and the city streets along the coast. My question is, how are the new aesthetic drains on the beach going to help out with the water quality in the Sound? I understand that the money for this project is from BP settlement funds. I feel that is a waste of time, and the money should be used to help improve water quality. I thought that the group in charge of that money asked the public for input and projects to help clean up the waters along the Coast. It seems this is not case.

Solvent programs

As I listen to politicians on both sides of the aisle one thing I never hear is this. How are we going to keep medicare and social security solvent in the future. It is great to talk of new, bold programs but what about the ones we already have?

The wealthy

To “paying taxes,” you mentioned that the rich don’t pay their fair share. Labor Department statistics show the wealthiest 1 percent pay almost 40 percent of all taxes, while the lower 50 percent pay almost no taxes at all. You also need to check out who the wealthy really are. The richest people in the country are not Republicans but liberal democrats. The wealthiest members in Congress are also democrats. Democrat candidates for president, without exception, say they will roll back the tax cuts that have brought us the best economy in decades.

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