Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 2, 2019

Feeling sadness

I have enjoyed walking and exercising along our beach for many, many years. The clean and well-maintained white sand fills me with joy and pride to live in such a beautiful place. Yesterday, my beach walk brought me much sadness. The algae bloom has scared most tourists. Why has the county not cleaned all the debris and garbage left behind by Hurricane Barry? Let’s not scare away more tourists with a dirty and unsightly beachfront. Now, more than ever we need a pretty beach.

A bad word

I was at an eating establishment in Gulfport Wednesday when I was shocked by a woman wearing a shirt proclaiming the F-word. I believe if she shouted the word she could be arrested. What about the 6-inch-tall letters on her shirt? Also illegal?

Not voting

If Tim Ryan didn’t put his hand over his heart during a “moment of absentmindedness,” then I don’t think I want to vote for him to be president if he is absentminded.

No free lunch

Could not stomach watching much of it, but the Democratic presidential debate resembled a segment from “The Twilight Zone.” Whenever a moderate candidate voiced a logical approach, he was shouted down. Seems “more free stuff” is the liberal mantra – and it’ll again be their downfall in 2020. There is no free lunch.

Big disappointment?

I wonder if Michael Thomas will be like all the other Saints that got big contracts and be a huge disappointment this season.

Democratic dream?

It is the decisive night for the Democratic nominee for president. There are three podiums on the stage. The center podium is unoccupied. The other two are occupied my Biden and Sanders. A large puff of smoke drifts across the stage. The smoke clears. Biden and Sanders are gone and behind the center podium stands Hillary Clinton. The crowd goes wild.

Not who we are

Take a good look at our military families – black, white, hispanic, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, and Native American – and we all work together and help each other out while protecting our great country. Now there is a man in the White House who is hateful and insulting to every race but his own. This is not who we are.

Investigation needed

As an avid reader and sometime contributor to the Sun Herald Sound Off, I am troubled to consider the striking possibility that certain items that make it into print there are maliciously crafted to spread biased disinformation, perhaps inspired by foreign trolls. The FBI should investigate Sound Off. Lest we be led further into darkness.

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