Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 1, 2019

Do your job

As a small business owner, I appreciate parents that teach their children to respect other’s property and how to behave in a retail setting. On the other hand, if I have to continuously tell your child not to pick up my fragile, breakable, damageable items, you are not doing your job very well.

Volunteers needed

All the wealthy Democrats running for president want to increase taxes on the wealthy. Why not volunteer to start paying higher taxes to get the ball rolling?

Moderates needed

Are there no moderate Republicans running in any of the Mississippi races? When I hear them say they are conservative it makes me cringe, just as someone who is liberal. Moderates on both sides, willing to work together for the greater good, are needed to save our state and country from destroying themselves from within.

State is insane

All of the ads for state and local elections have the Republican candidates saying they will stand by Trump. I thought that the party I once loved was a party that stood for no tariffs, low taxes, less government, and strengthening of our moral fiber. I now see that they are for lower taxes and more spending, high tariffs, low morals, and Trump first. Our national debt continues to rise and will cause our great-grandchildren to suffer the consequences. This bottom of the barrel state is insane. It will keep electing Republicans and expect something different to happen. Four years from now we will still be at the bottom of the list of states.

One question

With three ways to travel from Biloxi to Gulfport, why do we need a fourth costing $311 million?

Troubled exercise

Doesn’t drinking at the bar defeat the whole purpose of team building?

Real opinion

If Trump were to lose the 2020 election there would be massive depression in the media. They have never had a president they could pick on like Trump, because other presidents never voiced real opinion.

No vote

After watching Tate Reeves latest commercial touting the endorsements of Billy Hewes and Fofo Gillich, two mayors that can’t even get the streets fixed, I definitely won’t vote for Tate. He is the reason why Mississippi stays on the bottom.

Paying billions

Trump says he doesn’t care if China doesn’t make a trade deal because we are taking in tens of billions of dollars in tariffis. He fails to mention that farms and business in our country are hurting and we are paying billions to help them weather the storm of his presidency. He shows how he still has the mental attitude of claiming bankruptcy that he used in business.

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