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Sound Off for July 31, 2019

Cameras needed

Why aren't cameras mounted on the "stop signs" on the school buses? Then whenever a vehicle passed the stopped school bus with the "stop sign" out ... click. Then you have the vehicle, which would most likely show the license plate, and fine the heck out of whomever it was. Then, and only then, will this not be a problem in putting our children at risk this way.

Mississippi values

Vote for Ted, he likes dogs, goes to church and owns a dog. Don't vote for Bill, he owns a cat and drives a Prius. Really? Is that our "Mississippi values?"

Not diverse

An influx of Latin America does not make America diverse.

Sign confusion

As I drive along U.S. 90, I cannot help but notice the signs for political candidates interspersed with those of real estate agents on lots left vacant since Hurricane Katrina. Wouldn't it be hilarious if by mistake we elected a real estate agent instead of a politician in the upcoming primaries?

Road worries

Some contractor friend of a politician must need a job. A new road connecting Gulfport and Biloxi? Really? Have they closed U.S. 90, Pass Road and Interstate 10?

Old moves

This is to “interesting prediction” about Hillary. Didn’t work last time.

No effort

I was astounded a few nights ago when watching an NBC News interview, as a 30-year illegal immigrant complained about the risk of being deported. She couldn't speak a single word of English. It doesn't seem to be too much to ask that people who want to live where the official language is English can speak conversational English. In 3 decades this lady made no effort.

Not making sense

When is Biloxi going to start being more proactive in attracting real businesses (other than Waffle Houses) like D’Iberville is doing? It is an absolute shame that the old President golf course property is still empty after 15 years. If we had let Walmart build on the property like they wanted too, it would have attracted other business like the Walmart in D’Iberville did. Instead, we make them build in area with no room for expansion.

Build it now

If that were oil spilling over the Bonnet Carre, a pipeline couldn't be built fast enough to haul it away. But what spills over when the gates are open is worth more than gold or oil. It is fresh water. Build that pipeline, to be used when necessary, flowing to the desert or a giant reservoir, and spare our Mississippi Gulf and economy. Do it now, before there are no waters left to protect.

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