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Sound Off for July 30, 2019

I want that

The minute I hear a candidate’s ad declaring support for Trump, I know that they are in favor of his astounding jobs numbers, his pro-life stance, his tough stance against invaders, terrorist, and socialist democrats. Who would want all of that?

True economy

The crime rate says a lot about the “true” economy.

Love the neighbors

Good to look from afar and think how nice a new east-west corridor would be. It will take about 50+ homes just in College Park to have enough space for the road. Sure we would be paid for our homes, but for those of us who have spent much money on and in our homes, moving will be painful and expensive. I love my home and my neighbors.

Paying taxes

Don't let Republicans tell you that Democrats want to raise your taxes. Democrats want to raise taxes only on the ultra rich. The rich pay a lower percentage of taxes than the rest of us. They do not pay their fair share. Most Republican leaders are these same rich people. That's why they are so against raising taxes. They know Democrats are coming after them.

Do your research

Sadly, our county is so divided that the opposition wants to believe anything bad that is said about the other party. For example, the Republican media has made the representation that the Democrats support "after birth abortion." This is a false claim, as is the claim the Democrats support "open borders," meaning anyone can come into our country at any time. For both sides, before you accept one version of the facts, do the research.

Go in order

This is about the corridor connecting Biloxi to Gulfport. Might happen on Gulfport side. Biloxi is ADD. How about the new road connecting Pass Road to beach? No wait, let’s build a convention center in east Biloxi. How about finishing what Biloxi has already torn up.

Not your car

If you feel shimmying while driving the freshly repaved U.S. 90, it is not your car.

Interesting prediction

I read an interesting prediction the other day concerning the Democratic nomination for their candidate to run against Trump in 2020. The large number of people in the race will result in nobody winning the nomination outright. There will be a deadlocked convention. A substitute will present herself amid loud chants of "Hillary” and she will be nominated without having to spend her funds on primary races. She will graciously and humbly accept the honor and the resulting hoopla from the adoring press will sweep her into the White House. What do you think?

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