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Sound Off for July 28, 2019

Other needs

Don’t you think we might need a four-lane bridge over Popp’s Ferry before a road is built between Gulfport and Biloxi? What a bottleneck the two lane bridge is over Popp’s Ferry. That is one of the main exits going north. You must be kidding connecting Gulfport and Biloxi when so many other things are needed.

Different priorities

For the life of me, I cannot see a valid reason to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a fourth Biloxi-Gulfport connector road. I can already get to either place without any problems. We need too many other things that are more important. Fix the streets we have. Cleanup the roadways. Pay our police and firefighters a living wage.

New leadership

After watching the news, I was surprised to learn that our so-called leaders in the Congress have on several occasions blocked legislation that is designed to help protect us from foreign interference in our elections. Why would any politician do this unless they hope to gain from it? Seems treasonous to me. I think its time for new leadership and to get the career politicians out of there.

Quick decision

The minute I hear a candidate’s ad declaring support for Trump, I quickly make my decision to vote for their opponent.

Menu issues

I wish the new Brick & Spoon restaurant well, but I will not patronize any breakfast joint where the menu excludes home fries or hash browns. I don’t do grits. Thank God for Waffle House.

Moving on?

Maybe it is time to remove fraternities from state-supported college and universitiy campuses. They have outlived their day.

Mississippi values

As a senior, growing up on the coast, here are a few Mississippi values. 1) Belief in the Holy Bible and the Judo-Christian values our constitution was based on. 2) The sanctification of life. No unnecessary abortions. 3) Conservation and as small a government as possible. 4) Good schools, with a strong emphasis on history, basic business and self reliance, as well as the 3R’s. 5) A sovereign country with actual enforced borders and fair immigration system. 6) A country where laws are enforced and officers are obeyed and respected. 7) Take #1 seriously and the rest will be automatic.

Not happy

I would like to express my displeasure when I was reading the article about Ole Miss students and theTill memorial photo. I was deeply ashamed when I read the article. I just can’t understand why students would enjoy continuing the hatred which has been a thorn in Mississippi’s side for two hundred years.

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