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Sound Off for July 27, 2019

Dogs are OK

A well-behaved dog in a restaurant is fine with me, as long as it is on the floor, under the tablecloth. Just let me know where there are child-free restaurants on the Coast.

Bad representation

The Bonnet Carre disaster reveals the ineptness of our congressional delegation.

Driving hate

Competition for jobs, homes and political power is what drives hate.

Showing respect

We were previously known as the hospitality state, but since Katrina, I call it the hostility state. People are now so rude, especially driving. You really have to be a defensive driver. I miss the good old days when all people showed each other respect.

A let down

Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony was truly a let down for the anti-Trumpsters. From what I saw, it was apparent that Mr. Mueller was not in charge of the investigation and that his liberal, Clinton and Obama supporters were. What is worse, Mr. Mueller’s performance was an awful way for a once distinguished gentleman to end his career. I know I speak for many when I say I sure wish Congress had been equally concerned with Hillary Clinton’s criminal email incident.

New slogan?

As a minority of socially challenged individuals continue to destroy the Democratic Party on a daily basis, I wonder if the Democratic National Committee will adopt a new slogan for the 2020 elections of “Make America Weak Again.” To all that are on the fence in any of the coming elections, just ask yourself, which of the two parties seem to favor tearing down rather than building up? If you really want to destroy a culture, borders and language, then your mind is probably already made up.

A circus atmosphere

As a long standing Republican supporter I have to say I have been very disappointed in our president. With all the less-than-presidential name calling, firings and resignations in his staff, it looks more like a circus. Our government is supposed to have our representatives working with one another to make this country great but this president makes being Republican or Democrat seem like warring factions. This is just too much. We have got to put this to rest and become Americans again.

No tax cuts

Don’t think I will be voting for candidates who is promising tax cuts. For the past decade, if not more, governments has been cutting their budgets to meet the revenues they have coming in. What is the end result? Quality of service deteriorates. The candidates must be honest and realize that sometimes taxes have to be raised to prevent the infrastructure/services from deteriorating further.

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